Capacity / 生产能力
Capacity / 生产能力
Capacity / 生产能力
Because we control the quality of products, therefore, every one of our products can meet the customers’ using and design requirements of delivery to the customer. At he same time, we have strong production capacity can also guarantee the customer product delivery.To show the production capacity at HERT and IHEP, here are some examples.
In 1997 and 1998, we manufactured magnets for LER PEP-II, SLAC of USA and B-factory, KEK of Japan at the same time. The output per month is more than 60 sets(20 quadruples, more than 40 correction dipoles). Both LBNL (LBNL was in charge of LER PEP-II) and KEK sang high praise of us for its magnet quality and productivity.
In 2006 and 2007, we manufactured magnets for SSRF, nearly one year for prototype and PRR, less than 10 months for production four types total 244 magnets.

50 to 200 magnets with different type can be manufactured with good quality per year.